We are a brand new, “state of the art” plank flooring and moulding plant in Dickson, TN. The plant was planned and designed by Mike Lewis after years of experience from co-owning and operating a large flooring and moulding plant. Mike has brought in experts in grading, machining, warehousing, and shipping the products we manufacture.


Our mission is to focus on manufacturing high quality unfinished hardwood plank flooring for the quality oriented hardwood flooring distributors. Our primary species are White Oak, Red Oak, and Hickory. We also manufacture lineal cabinet mouldings used in the manufacturing of hardwood cabinets. Much of our Hard Maple goes into this product.

What separates us from the rest of the pack?

We are a “no whistles and buzzers” company. We are a tight, cohesive group with lots of experience in the industry, and we stand behind our product. When you call Lewis Lumber and Milling, a PERSON answers the phone and you will get any of us promptly-even if we are travelling.

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